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Alexa Rank Checker: Check Website Ranking (Free)

These days, the "Alexa Ranking" is a common tool for determining the relative importance of various online resources. It's a program that ranks websites all around the world based on how often their users access certain pages.

While it may not include every possible domain name, this list nonetheless contains millions. If a domain name does not get a high enough Alexa rank, it will not be included in the list (which happens automatically in most cases).

Alexa bases its rankings on "how well a website is performing compared to all other sites on the web over the past three months." According to Web Alexa, a site's popularity has the opposite effect on its ranking. Indeed, that is the norm! A website with an Alexa ranking of 1 has more visitors than one with an Alexa ranking of 100,000.

Bringing it back to the fundamentals

The Alexa Rank Checker (created by FreeWpItems) simplifies the process of assessing a site's popularity on the Internet. We've put a lot of time and effort into making this tool as trustworthy as possible, so you can be certain that the data it pulls from Alexa's web crawlers is accurate and easy to digest.

We will go into further detail about Alexa Checker by FreeWpItems in a later section of this guide, but before we get there, it's important to understand how Alexa Rankings operate and why you should check them at all.

What is Alexa Rank?

One of the most common ways to figure out how popular a website is to check its "Alexa Rank." Alexa is a web analytics company that owns. It uses information from toolbars and browser extensions to report on how many people visit a website and other marketing metrics.

Alexa offers many different services and has been involved in a number of high-profile projects in the past, such as providing a database that was used to build the Wayback Machine. However, the "Alexa Rank" is by far its most popular service.

How To Use Alexa Rank Checker

The Alexa Tool is very easy to use and very intuitive. It has a well-designed user interface that is made to be simple. To use the tool, you will only need to take the following steps:

Step #1: Confirm that you are really on the Alexa rank checker page (located at

Step #2: Type in the URLs you wish to verify. Our algorithm can scan up to five domain names at once, saving you time and effort.

Step #3: Select the "Check" option.

Then, the tool will instantly provide the Alexa rank results for the domain, including all the details previously specified. Now we're done! We also encourage you to take advantage of the Alexa Rank Comparison Tool, another one of our free SEO tools.

Why Use This Alexa Rank Checker?

A variety of products are available on the market that can be used to view Alexa rankings for a specific website. There is a specific page on where you can check the rankings of certain websites. Which begs the question: why should you use this specific Alexa web rank checker from FreeWpItems? What sets our tool apart from others in the same field?

First of all, you can trust the results our tool gives you because it is made with the most advanced technology available today. We compared it to other tools and found that none of them were as user-friendly as this one.

In addition, our Alexa website rankings checker allows you to check the Alexa rating for up to five different websites at once. With the vast majority of Alexa rank checkers, you won't find this feature. However, you cannot perform multiple site analyses on

The marketing benefits of looking at a website's Alexa rating can be increased by looking at the ranks of many competing websites at once. We also used a custom algorithm that looks closely at a website's Alexa ranking when we made it. Our programmers have double-checked and double-tested everything to make sure that the Alexa rankings we give are correct.

How Alexa Ranking Works says that its "traffic rank" is a weighted average of page views and users (reach) over the course of three months. This is based on data collected from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and other traffic data sources. This means that a site's estimated average daily unique visitors and a 3-month rolling average of projected pageviews are both included in the ranking.

Alexa compiles its information from the browser histories of millions of people all around the world who use the company's toolbar. The Alexa toolbar can be added to Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer as a plug-in. You can also use the browser itself or go to the Alexa website. For Alexa to get this information, users' browsers must have the Alexa toolbar installed.

Given that hardly every single person who uses the Internet (ever) also uses the toolbar, Alexa's ranking isn't given much credence. According to Alexa's own website, "Alexa's traffic estimates and rankings are based on the browsing activity of individuals in our worldwide data panel, which is a sample of all internet users."

There are better ways to gauge a site's popularity, but the information Alexa offers is still important since it could give you a "general" perspective. But if that's the case, then why look for it? Why do you need it? That brings us to our next discussion, so let's talk about it.

Why Check Alexa Rank?

According to Alexa, you can find out "how well a website is performing compared to all other sites on the web during the previous 3 months." View your Alexa Rank using our Free Web Analytical Tool

Here are four significant applications of Alexa Rank's analytics data:

●     Discernment:

As a blogger or website owner, knowing your site's Alexa Rank is crucial since it indicates the site's overall popularity. The information may be used to plan how to increase site traffic or how to better compete with similar sites. And yes, you can use Alexa Web Ranking to monitor your site's rise or fall in popularity on a regular basis. Of course, you can immediately get it corrected and things if you see that it is losing popularity.

●     Analyzing the Competition:

In this way, Alexa could be used as a method of gathering information about the competition. In other words, you could use the data to do a competitive analysis and see how much interest is being paid to a competitor website. To see how you and your rivals do in terms of online visibility, you can even look at each other's sites side-by-side and make comparisons. Our fantastic Alexa Checker tool is ideal for this since it enables you to verify the Alexa data of numerous sites simultaneously.

●     Analysis of the Market:

Advertisers can use a website's Alexa Ranking to determine whether or not to focus their advertisements there, as well as how much they should pay per click. The Alexa ranking of a website is one of the metrics used by marketers to evaluate the promotional potential of a website.

●     Who's-Who Assessment:

Web pages can be sorted based on their "Global," "Country," and "Category" Alexa Rank rankings. Knowing "who's who" in a certain nation or industry based on the most popular websites in that country or industry is a breeze with the "Country" and "Category" rankings. In addition, you can view detailed nation and category rankings for both your site and the sites of your competitors.