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Backlink Checker: Free Online Tool (Advanced)

A backlink is a link from your site to another site. This is done in order to share link equity and user traffic between websites. But not all links will improve your site's position in the search engines. Backlinking requires careful consideration of the subject matter and credibility of the linking site. Search engines can lower the value of your resource if it is linked to a lot of low-quality sites. This is why monitoring your inbound and outbound links is essential. This will tell you what other sites are linked to you and what other resources you are linking to.

With our new free tool, Backlink Checker, you can see how the linked-to website is doing in terms of its overall backlink profile. It's also free to use against your competitors to see what links they have coming in. Insight into the backlinks of your rivals is a valuable asset for your digital marketing analysis, and our tool can help you get this data. We also provide a tool to help you develop a backlink strategy based on the results of your competition research. Learn the ins and outs of using our backlink checker tool and why you should use it.

About Backlink Checker By Free WordPress Items

Get a complete report on your website's backlink profile with the help of our free backlink checker tool. This free backlink checker was built by Free WordPress Items, but it's completely connected with Ahrefs' engine, so it can retrieve and show a comprehensive backlink report for any live website or page.

Consider how quickly you could find new link-building prospects. You just need to enter the URLs of your competitors to get the results. You can see who is connecting to your rivals and who isn't by looking at their backlink profile. You can discover new openings to improve your search engine rankings.

With Backlinks' advanced filters, you can quickly zero in on the most promising link-building prospects. You can sort backlinks based on their URL, domain authority, page authority, or even the keywords included in their anchor text. You can use filters to show only one backlink per domain, only nofollow links, or a mix of both. And after you're done refining the outcomes, you can always just export them to CSV.

With this free tool, you'll be able to

  • Access the origins of your backlinks and monitor their performance
  • Analyze and inspect any website's backlink profile.
  • Find out which keywords or pages are generating the most inbound links
  • Gain more awareness of the content that performs the best
  • Find out what your competitors' most important incoming links are and look at their backlink profiles to spot trends and new opportunities.

How To Use Our Free Backlinks Checker Tool

Compared to similar tools, ours is quite straightforward. Anyone can use it; you don't have to be a technical or SEO pro. There are just three easy steps involved:

  • Step #1: Get on this page ( where you are now already.
  • Step #2: Type in your website's address in the box given. Either the root domain name leading to the site's index page, or the URL of a specific sub-page, such as a product page or blog post, can be used. You can specify whether you want the tool to display external links for the whole domain or only the page you provided the URL for.
  • Step #3: Select the "Check" option. There should be a CAPTCHA to complete before we can process your request. Certainly, if that's the case. Immediately upon finishing the aforementioned three stages, the tool will provide the results, complete with all the metrics covered in the preceding section. If you're interested, you may save a copy of the report on your computer.

On average, just ten or so results are shown by rival backlink checkers. Contrarily, the top 100 backlinks to a given URL can be shown by our link checker. And there's always the opportunity to see more!

Why Should You Use Our Backlink Checker Tool?

Linking back to your site is a great way to show search engines that you are an authoritative source in your field. If numerous excellent resources connect to your site, the search engine deems your material reputable and provides you with greater search engine rankings. Your site will be more likely to appear in search results for user-generated content if other sites connect to yours. Earning inbound connections can increase your site's visibility and the number of visitors.

So, when is it a good idea to use a site growth plan based on backlinks? It is possible to make money from your website's outbound links, but it will take a lot of time to do so. If you want to build a site's link profile effectively, you need to consider the types of content that people will want to share on their various social media platforms and other online resources. Only high-quality written content can pique the interest of readers and site owners.

Where can I get such links? Create meaningful data and content, and the backlinks will find you. Share each other's links with the group. Write guest pieces and submit them to established websites' editors. A lot of people making websites will be happy to take quality content from you in exchange for a free, permanent link to your website on their own, using your keyword anchor text. Buying links is an alternative. Yet even with this option, you'll still need to monitor certain web pages.

Due to the fact that not all backlinks are created equal, it is important to monitor both the amount and quality of your site's backlink profile. Competitors may purchase links to your resource from low-quality, spammy, and low-DR-score sites to impair your site's marketing. Backlinks from trustworthy, non-spammy sources can help your search engine rankings. When people click on your link, they come to your site. And even if they don't, your links will still have some authority. Get your site mentioned on other, more credible sites to boost its search engine rankings.

It's important to keep an eye on both the amount and quality of your backlinks if you want to do well in search engine results and increase your website's organic traffic. You should study your link profile using our backlink checker tool, just as you would with ahrefs. Keep in mind that using our checker on your resource index is a totally free method to examine and evaluate outbound connections.

What Role Do Backlinks Play In Search Engine Optimization?

Backlinks are external links that point to your website. There are a few different names for this concept, but they all pertain to connections that lead to a website. In general, the more links pointing back to a website, the higher it will rank in search engine rankings. There is a direct correlation between the quantity and quality of backlinks that a website has and its search engine rankings.

How? When a page has a backlink, Google and other search engines see it as though the page is endorsing the linked content in some way. To that end, search engines place more value on websites that have a greater quantity and quality of inbound connections. In the end, it'll reflect well on your rankings. As a result, prioritizing quality over quantity should be your primary goal when building backlinks. Always choose quality first. Focus on competing with and outranking websites. (You can verify this with our free domain authority checker.)

If your site has a lot of spammy or low-quality links, it will hurt its SERP (search engine results page) rankings. In other words, ten natural, high-quality backlinks are preferable to one hundred artificial, low-quality connections. That's why you should use a backlink checker to keep track of the number and quality of links that lead to your site.