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Have you ever found yourself on a website that was so beautifully designed and well-written that you couldn't help but wonder why you had never come across it before? Or maybe you've landed on a website that offers goods, services, or e-commerce, and you're wondering how long the company has been around before deciding whether or not to make a purchase. One simple method is to look up the website's age; doing so will give you a good idea of how long they've been offering their services. Equally intriguing to visitors is the age of your website.

Assuming you're looking for a reputable web host, you should know that older, established companies tend to be your best bet. The idea of figuring out how old a website is when there is no way to tell when it started is brilliant. Even though we can usually only find out when a domain was registered, a website's focus may have changed since then.

What Is Domain Age?

Many factors contribute to a website's ranking in search engines, including its search engine optimization, or SEO. The most popular and important of these are on-page SEO, backlinks, and keyword density. SEOs and webmasters often don't realize how much the age of a website's domain can affect its search engine rankings.

Domain age, in its simplest form, is the length of time a certain domain name has been in use. How long has a website been online?

By 2020, a domain name that was registered in 2010 will have been in use for ten years. What is a domain name, anyway? similar to how is a website's URL. That's the address, or URL, that people will type into their browsers to see your site.

About Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker is a tool you can use online to find out how old a domain or website is, from the time it was registered until now. Websites with older histories tend to rank higher in search results. This makes knowing the age of your website's hosting account crucial. You can use the domain age checker to see how long the domains you intend to acquire have been around, as well as how old your competitors' domains are. Domain names with more time under their belts often do better in search engine results.

Anyone can use domain-age checkers, which are widely available online. The vast majority of them are free to make use of, and they could be extraordinarily helpful in a wide range of situations. Web crawlers, companies, and regular individuals all utilize them.

How to Use This Domain Age Checker

The domain age checker on DupliChecker is very easy to use. You don’t have to go through any intricate procedures to find the domain age of any website. Users don't have to sign up to use our tool, so all you have to do to start using it is access it. Follow the steps mentioned below to check the domain age of any site with our domain age checker:

Step 1: Enter your domain name.

Enter your domain name or URL and hit the check button to see the results.

Step 2: Analyzing the Results

The tool will analyze your website and inform you of the domain's creation and last update dates, as well as its expiration date.

Is Domain Age Of Any Importance?

In a nutshell, yes, is the simple response to this question. Domain age does matter for search engine optimization or Google page rank. Google looks at a lot of different things when figuring out a site's rating. The age of the domain is just one of those things. That is to say, it is significant how long a domain name has been in use.

It's important to keep in mind that "domain age" does not always indicate the length of time you've been the owner of a certain domain name, but rather the time when Google first indexed that domain. That's why a lot of businesses choose to acquire "age domains" that have been around for a long time to give their Google rankings a boost. But just because a domain name was registered ten years ago doesn't make it automatically ten years old in Google's eyes; it still has to be indexed.

Let's put it this way: It makes no difference whether you acquired a domain yesterday or ten years ago if you have done nothing with it.

Why it matters

1.    Rankings on Search Results

A major concern for website owners is improving their visibility in search engine results. Most well-known domain names already have good search engine rankings, so their new owners won't have to spend much time, money, or effort to get the same results.

2.    Bigger Link Profile

Domain names that are many years old often perform better than newer ones since they have already amassed several high-quality inbound links. Search engines provide more value to a site if it has connections to other authoritative sites.

3.    Proven Reputation

Older domain names have already established credibility in their industry. This is a further reason why they are superior. Since improving one's reputation takes time, Google naturally thinks that an older domain name has already established credibility.

4.    Traffic

They do attract a respectable volume of visitors. There is greater interest in an established domain name. Gaining a large and loyal audience takes a lot of money and time on the part of the user. If you acquire this site, the only thing on your mind will be how to keep the visitors coming back, not how to get new ones.

Old Domain Benefits For SEO

One of the main reasons why older sites do better in search engine results is that they have built up more high-quality backlinks over time. When determining a site's ranking, search engines take into account several factors, but one of the most important is the authority of the site's backlinks. An excellent site would greatly benefit from having work done on building quality backlinks to it.

One more benefit of well-known domain names is that they probably already have a good name in their field. This is a great benefit because gaining credibility in the first place can be hard and take time. If you can buy an established domain with a high search engine ranking, you're in a good spot. For many companies, building a strong brand identity takes a long time and costs a lot of money.

Even long-established domain names get significant visits. Getting steady visitors requires an investment of time and resources; for this reason, it makes a lot of sense to go for an already-established domain that has received a lot of clicks in the past. Now that you've gotten to this point, all you have to do is keep up with the present traffic as you try to expand it.

It's every SEO manager's dream to have their sites appear at the very top of SERPs; therefore, it makes perfect sense that prior success in this regard would result in significant cost savings. High search engine rankings are the holy grail of internet marketing because they directly lead to more visitors and more money.

However, there are a few things to watch out for when purchasing old domain names. In an attempt to boost their website's search engine rankings, some website owners and webmasters resort to questionable "black hat" SEO practices. If you care about the site's safety, you'll look into this matter and get to work fixing it. Also, some of the old domain names have become associated with bad things over time. If people have previously reported this site as spam or banned it entirely, it likely has a poor reputation that might hurt your company.


Domain Age Checker by FreeWpItems is one of the best ways to find out how long a domain has been around. Put the URL in the text box and choose "Check" to use this valuable tool. A full set of results, including the date the domain was created and the last time it was changed, will be returned right away.