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Page Authority Checker - Free PA Online Checker (Advanced Tool)

MOZ's Page Authority (PA) is a metric for gauging how prominent a given page is likely to be in search engine results. The page authority might be anything from 1 to 100. Remember that a better chance for a higher ranking comes with higher scores.

Your page authority, and your competitors', are calculated using a wide variety of factors found in the search engine index. This rating, like domain authority, makes use of automated methods to make more accurate comparisons across sites. It's a relative metric that may shift depending on context. Just because a site has a high domain authority doesn't mean you should trust it more. Still, it's a useful resource for evaluating your page's potential for rising to the top of search engine results and so attracting more search visitors to your site.

We developed an innovative page authority checker tool to measure this rating. With the information you get from this page, you'll be able to use the tool to examine your competitors' websites and improve your own to rank higher in search results.

What Is Page Authority?

The Page Authority (PA) of a website is a grade score that predicts how well that page will do in search engine results pages. Moz coined the phrase "page authority" to describe the quality of a webpage. The Page Authority scale goes from 1 to 100. Most SEO professionals worry excessively about PA, and for good reason. Increasing page authority is the primary goal of the vast majority of standard SEO practices, including creating high-quality content and building inbound links. A perfect score alone is no guarantee of search visibility since contextual relevance with the query is also required, but this metric is indicative of overall SEO effectiveness.

About Page Authority Checker

Wondering what a Page Authority Checker is and why you may need one? It is a tool that calculates the important website ranking and rating criteria for a single page, or in other words, a single URL on your website. The popularity and trustworthiness of websites in search results may be affected by a wide range of factors.

Pages on your site are evaluated by specialized computer algorithms, which then award a quality grade based on several parameters. It's not merely the sequential numbering of sites, but also a symbol of their pages' quality. This is a comparison of information from the MOZ index of the web. This rating is susceptible to change over time; thus, it should be checked often.

Similar to the way it determines DA, MOZ explains using a scale of 100 points to determine your internal URL ranking. The scale allows for more detailed comparisons to be made and simplifies the process of ranking. Therefore, we recommend using Page Authority Checker regularly to monitor the ranking of your site and the sites of your rivals. By using both this and our other free domain authority checker tool, you can get accurate and timely assessments of your site's performance.

What Is A Good Page Authority Score?

You must be thinking the same thing. To rank at the top of Google, many website owners want to know the perfect page authority score. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule for this metric; instead, it varies depending on the competitiveness of the market. Nevertheless, there is a routine you may follow to get the optimal PA score for every field. It's recommended to compile a list of all of your first-page rivals, verify their page authority, then browse through their results and average all their scores.

This will provide you with a sense of how well your page stands out from others and how much more work you should put into SEO. A page's ability to perform well in search engine results, notably on Google, increases as the authority score rises.

Page Authority Vs. Domain Authority?

Several direct and indirect authority metrics are available, all of which were developed by Moz. PA and DA are the two most well-known and popular ones. Webmasters should also be familiar with the concepts of domain authority and page authority. Domain authority is a measurement of a site's overall popularity and ranking potential, whereas page authority estimates a page's potential in search engine results.

Looking For A Way To Improve Your Page Authority??

Is your page's authority too low, and do you want to know how to boost it? Then you've found the right place. Here are some suggestions for improving your page's authority:

  • The first step is to make a post for a reputable website.
  • Verify if the information on a certain page is very relevant, comprehensive, and original.
  • Get your page fully functioning and optimized for search engines.
  • Include inbound and outbound links inside the page itself.
  • The more authoritative and relevant links you can get from other sites, the better (must point to your given page).
  • Finally, make sure that any harmful links leading to your site are taken down.

Furthermore, use a domain authority checker to see how authoritative a website is, and use a page authority checker to keep tabs on your PA score.

Why Our Page Authority Checker??

Why should you use our page authority checker instead of the many others accessible online? We have always put our users' needs first, which is why we are proud to give you the "Page Authority Checker," another one of our error-free, fast, and dependable tools. This PA checker is not only fast and easy to use, but it is also cost-free. Moreover, this is just too convenient. Run a check for page authority to see for yourself.

How To Use Our Page Authority Checker??

You can trust that our page authority check is the quickest and easiest option available, despite there being several other options. With this simple tool, you can see how you rank in an instant. Simply input the URL of the page you want to examine to get its authority score. In addition to the overall number of connections, you will also see the number of Linking Roots Domains that go to each page.

Have we not convinced you that our page authority checker is the best there is? This is your chance to put our tool to the test and see how well it performs. Don't forget to review this tool, since this is required for optimal results.


When compared to other methods, checking page authority is both the easiest and quickest. For a fast and easy rating check, use this valuable tool. If you want to know how well your site ranks in terms of PA and DA, you can use a tool like this one to find out. With only a few clicks, you can obtain data about your rating. You can also see how many total links lead to each page and how many Linking Root Domains each link comes from.