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Today's fast Internet connection speeds lead webmasters to believe they do not need to be too concerned about web page size and load time. In contrast, the element is still important from both a usability and SEO standpoint. According to research, 16% of users would abandon a website if it took more than 10 seconds to load, and very few would wait for more than 15 seconds. Consequently, ignoring page size and load time might cause you to lose half of your visitors.

The most important requirement is to keep your page size under 150 KB since search engines will not cache pages larger than this. Simply put, the longer the crawler must wait, the less likely it is to visit your website.

About Website Page Size Checker

FreeWpItems has created several SEO tools over the years, including a handy tool called Website Page Size Checker. This fantastic tool, as its name implies, is a page size checker that can be used to determine the page size of any given URL. It is a magical tool that people may use online to determine the size of a website. If your website takes longer than normal to load, you may need to focus on its size since this might result in a high bounce rate, as internet users often lack the patience to wait for web pages to load.

The projected average short web page size is 12 kilobytes, which will load quite rapidly. The more media on a page, the larger it becomes and the slower it loads. Videos, photos, music, graphics, Flash, and other types of media included on a page will increase its size. First things first, it is essential for the health and operation of your website that you know the size of your website. But how can you determine a website's entire size? In this case, a website page size checker or page size inspector is useful.

How to use a Website Page Size Checker tool?

The FreeWpItems page size inspector also called a website page size checker, is simple and easy to use. Our website page-size tester makes it simple to check website size online. It is a useful SEO tool to determine the page size of your website. It provides essential information on the size of your website in KB. This website size checker has been created specifically for those who wish to determine the size of their website and whether or not they need to work on it.

To use this fantastic tool, just enter the URL of the page you want to analyze in the text box and click the "Check Page Size" button. In only a few seconds, you will be presented with a results page that includes the page's size in bytes.

If you add new content and media to your website often, you should use a reliable website page size checker to check the size of your pages regularly. A good page size and fast loading speed not only give users a great experience and lower the website's bounce rate, but they also boost the website's position in search engine results, since Google now uses speed as one of its top ranking factors.

Why Does Page Size Increase?

The way the site was built influences the download sizes for elements outside of the HTML and style sheet code.

Among the many JavaScript, features are spinning banners, hover-overs, pop-ups, and form validation. It is hard to reduce the size of a JavaScript file without losing functionality, especially on custom e-commerce websites.

The size of an image might change based on its file type and resolution. Websites with limited images may have difficulty converting visitors (who wants to read plain text?). However, websites that sell or illustrate anything in detail require high-quality image files.

Using video encoding methods like MPEGs and a set of rules, the data is cut down to the smallest amount possible. Unless they play automatically, many media assets on a website need to be downloaded by the user first.

Custom fonts are around 0.5 MB in size, with the size growing as additional styles and weights are added. By reducing character groupings, custom fonts may be made smaller. Numerous websites only utilize Windows or Apple operating systems to show web fonts.

Does Page Size Matter?

The larger the webpage, the less efficient it is. Web pages with smaller file sizes usually load faster for anyone who asks for them over the internet. The size of a website is determined by the size of its physical files, not by the height or width shown on the screen.

How does URL size impact the site's performance?

The speed, testing, and analysis of websites all depend on the size of web pages. With today's internet connections, the content is more significant than the source code's size. Inconvenient delays in loading times are caused by pages that are too large.

How does it impact users?

The bounce rate increases when a webpage takes too long to load. When a user clicks a link, they anticipate seeing the destination page immediately; otherwise, they'll likely hit the back button.

If your web server charges by the amount of storage space used, then compressing your files might save you money. If you can limit the amount of data sent to and from your site, it will reduce your hosting costs.

How does it impact SEO?

Google claims that for every 10 seconds that elapse after a mobile page is loaded, the likelihood that the user will abandon the site increases by 123%. It's clear that speed (which is directly related to size) is crucial, not only for the sake of the user experience but also for the sake of search engine rankings.


The process of using our online website page-size checker tool is quick and simple. Our website page size checker is the quickest and easiest way to find out how big a website's files are as a whole. Simply enter the URL of the page you wish to check into the text field and hit the green "Check" button to begin using the tool. In a few seconds, you'll see the results, along with the page size in bytes and kilobytes.

You should now have a good idea of what a webpage or website's total size checker is and why it's useful for determining a website's overall size. However, please do not forget to leave behind any feedback you may have, as it is essential to the development of our products and website.