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URL Opener - Multiple & Bulk URL Opener (Faster & Advanced)

When doing SEO work, you must visit several websites for content purposes and to determine the authenticity of the content. The bulk website opener's main goal is to open all sites in a single browser but in different tabs. This helps not just those who are handling the citation portion for SEO purposes but also those who are writing content for various websites.

Using the citation, you can submit your company's details to several online business directories, which function as specialized search engines for commercial inquiries. When you post a business on these ranking sites, search engines index the information quickly and present the results in "business boxes," seen in search engine page results. There are hundreds of online company directories and SEO professionals who use this method to access their previously-stored URLs on the sheet so that they can rapidly enter company information, validate it, and move on to the next site.

Content writers need regular revisions made to a wide range of titles across many different websites. This allows them to keep their job updated and avoid falling behind. Writers can't just copy and paste information from other sites; they have to look for changes, rewrite the piece, and then upload it to avoid plagiarism. The online URL Opener speeds up their work by getting rid of the need to type or copy and paste each URL from the file into the address bar.

How To Open Multiple URLs At Once With Our Web URLs Opener

When working on search engine optimization, the multiple-link opener is useful. In this developing world of SEO, the necessity for many open URLs grows daily. The many URL Opener tools make your everyday tasks go faster by letting you open all the URLs in your text editor at the same time. Simply follow these instructions to open as many URLs as you can manage.

  1. After accessing the page for the URL opener, a text box with sufficient space for several URLs will be shown. The URL format is seen in the figure below.
  2. You may add URLs with a space, on a new line, or a comma to start a list of URLs. Simply copy the URLs from your saved file and paste them into this box before clicking "open." New tabs will appear in your browser, each containing one of the URLs you entered into the tool.

Why use a URL opener tool?

When you're looking to open multiple links at once, a URL opener tool offers a convenient solution.

For example, with our multiple-link opener, you get the following benefits:

1.    You can access it from any browser

No matter if your favorite web browser is Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, you can use our web URL opener tool. These are some examples of browsers that are compatible with our tool:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer

Also, because our tool works on many different platforms, it can be used by many people on your team or at home. If you use software or a plugin to open multiple URLs at the same time, you might be recommending a solution that some users can't use. For example, Firefox users can't use all of the plugins that Chrome users can. Nevertheless, with our URL opener tool, you have a solution for everyone.

2.    You can use it for free

While other programs may require payment, our URL opener is completely free. You can access as many and as often as you choose. Whether you're a casual user or a company, our tool offers a fast and simple method for opening many URLs.

This solution also eliminates the annoyance associated with discovering free software or a free plugin that subsequently becomes a paid one. Our URL opener tool is always free, so you can always rely on it to open multiple URLs simultaneously.

3.    You don’t have to install anything

Adding new software to your computer or a new browser plugin might cause complications.

For example, plugins might slow down your browser. If they are not maintained and updated, they might potentially cause problems. For example, if you use a plugin to access multiple URLs at once and a new version of your browser comes out, you may be in a bind.

Ways To Use Our Web Url Opener Tool

Curious as to who uses our web URL opening tool and why? Check out this overview:

Content creators

Anyone, from experienced bloggers to freelance writers to college students, can use our research and writing tools. With our URL opener, you can open many URLs simultaneously.

Before writing a post, article, or guide about how to build a birdhouse, for example, someone may do research on different methods, designs, and materials. The tool is useful enough that they can return to it many hours (or days) later to continue their research.

Web data researchers

A URL opener tool could also make the work of people who look for data on the Web or mine data easier. Instead of copying and pasting many URLs one at a time, our application lets users access multiple URLs at the same time.

This function allows online data researchers and data mining professionals to concentrate on the real work at hand. They may be more interested in analyzing or collecting the data than in keeping track of the URL they went to most recently.

Content writers, search engine optimization specialists, and online data analysts are just a few examples of those who might profit from a tool that opens many URLs simultaneously. This tool is useful for everyone, from families restarting their holiday plans to business owners seeking SEO agencies.


SEO professionals in the area of search engine optimization (SEO), generally known as "SEOs," use a variety of link-opening tools. SEO is the activity of optimizing a website to rank in relevant search results, such as a blog about carpentry ranking for phrases such as "carpentry tips," "how-tos, and others.

SEOs will often use a URL opener tool for the following tasks:

  • Researching rivals' content
  • Examining the content ranking for a certain search, such as "how to construct a birdhouse," and comparing the results.
  • Evaluating the shared links on a website, such as via comments.
  • Mapping a website's internal linkages, such as in-text links
  • Conducting an SEO audit

All of this information helps SEOs optimize web pages and content so that these sites:

  • Provide greater value to users
  • Send search engines favorable signals
  • Obtain a higher position in search results.
  • If SEOs complete the aforementioned objectives, they will be able to assist their customers in generating more cash from the web.

The Bulk URL Opener Tool Compatibility

The URL opener works with the latest versions of all operating systems and doesn't need anything special to work. The only thing you need is a modern browser. This tool does not use any of your processor's processing speed or save the URLs you supply. As soon as the URL opener in Chrome opens them for you, all of the URLs you enter are deleted.

This tool is compatible with all desktops and mobile devices; the only requirements are an up-to-date browser and the activation of popups, signified by an icon that shows in the address bar before attempting to access URLs.