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A Detailed explanation of what the video is about, including important keywords.


A breakdown of the main sections of your video by time. Similar to a Table of Contents Ideally these should actually be links to the specific time section of the video as well.

About the Channel

Briefly explain the type of content you publish on your channel.

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Powerful YouTube Videos Description Generator

You're a YouTuber?

Need YouTube descriptions quickly? We can assist. Our YouTube Description Generator allows you to generate YouTube descriptions quickly. You just need to provide us with the video's title, and we will provide you with a large number of applicable YouTube descriptions.

Video descriptions are the lengthy textual information that accompanies your video's metadata and video file. YouTube and Vimeo both enable lengthy video descriptions of up to 5,000 characters.

The vast majority of videos posted to YouTube are nowhere near this limit. You shouldn't cram your descriptions with keywords just because you have 5,000 characters; instead, you should divide your character limit equally between video SEO and enhancing the watching experience. Continue reading, and we'll explain how to achieve this.

Why is the YouTube Description important?

Similar to video titles, video descriptions have two purposes: first, they enable search engine optimization for videos by using pertinent keywords; second, they provide viewers with language that is descriptive of the video being seen. In addition to this, the Video Description may include natural paths leading to further chapters within the video, connections to your website, links to social media, links to other videos, or links to additional reading or resources.

You won't be able to include clickable "Call-to-Action" (CTA) link annotations that drive traffic to your website straight from your video unless you are an authorized partner in YouTube's Partner Program. The minimum number of subscribers required for approval is 1,000. Therefore, the only alternative method available is to explicitly include links inside the video descriptions.

What should you write in a YouTube Description?

When a video is originally launched, YouTube will only display the first three lines of the accompanying video description (which amounts to around 280 characters). The number of characters allowed before a Vimeo video description is cut off is much higher at 750. However, considering YouTube's preeminence in the field of online video, you should make sure that the most relevant information about your video is included in the first three lines of your description.

It is important to keep in mind that only desktop users will see abbreviated versions of the video descriptions. Mobile users by default do not see any of the Video descriptions and must opt to enlarge them to see them.

You must carry out some tests to determine the location of the truncation point.

Enhancing the viewing experience

When it comes to assisting your viewers in gaining a deeper understanding of your video and who you are, we recommend dividing your video description into seven primary elements.

1.    About the Video (approx 500-1,000 chars):

Keep in mind that the first three lines are the most crucial, and use this opportunity to include your target keywords and a description of the video that is by how people are most likely to be looking for your topic or issue. After that, feel free to expound on the video's subject matter with supplementary facts and specifics. Don't forget to include hashtags at the end of your video

2.    Timestamps (approx 500 chars):

This is a valuable navigational tool that allows you to match links to the video's timecode with certain points in the movie. Suppose your video contains five unique "chapters." Here, you may link to each one so that the viewer can rapidly go to the portion of the video that most interests them.

But how do you build the links? You do not have to! By simply entering a number in minutes: seconds format, YouTube will instantly create a hyperlink and make the content clickable.

PLUS By including these timestamps in the Video Description, YouTube will automatically add timestamp descriptions to the play bar at the bottom of the video.

3.    About the Channel (approx 500-1,000 chars)

This should be a general description of your channel, including the types of content you publish and the frequency with which you publish new content.

4.    Other Recommended Videos / Playlists: (approx 250 chars)

Promote some of your other videos or playlists by directly linking to them and giving a brief description of each to entice people to click through!

It could make sense to link to videos that have not yet been released! This is OK; just omit it, but remember to update this section with the updated video URLs once they have been uploaded.

5.    About your Products & Company (approx 500 - 1,000 chars):

Describe your organization's mission and products/services.

6.    Contact & Social Links (approx 100-500 chars):

Last but not least, provide links to some of the other social media sites and accounts you maintain, such as those on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.

What is the operation of the Video Description Generator?

The Video Description Maker is a helpful piece of software that will assist you in creating video descriptions that are both search engine optimized and user pleasant. It directs your attention to 7 distinct areas, each of which may be edited separately before being copied and pasted into the video description box on YouTube or Vimeo.

Beginning at the top, go through each section. If there is a specific item that you do not want to get, just deselect it. Below Section 7, you'll see a set of three "Keywords to Target" fields.

To see how often your target keywords appear across the whole description of your video, enter up to three of them here. If your keyword appears in the description at least five times, the count will be colored green; otherwise, it will be tinted red to indicate that additional instances of the term should be added. To update the data on how often certain keywords were used, choose "Generate Description."

After editing, choose "Copy to Clipboard" to save your work; then, just paste it into your YouTube video's description!

Updating Video Descriptions on existing Videos

You won't run into any problems if you try to alter the Video Descriptions of your already-uploaded films, just as you won't run into any problems if you try to edit the Video Titles, Tags, or HashTags. Remember, too, that YouTube will reevaluate your video and might adjust its position in search results based on a combination of the improvements you've made and the prior view time statistics acquired.

This may be helpful or negative, depending on the video's optimization and search volume before and after the change was made to the video's description. Nonetheless, if your video has been consistently popular, changing the video description may cause a dip in views.