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YouTube Tag Extractor: Extract YouTube Video Tags (Free)

Using this tool, you can extract tags from a video that is uploaded on YouTube. All you have to do is enter the URL, and our tool will do the rest.

By looking at and learning from how other people use YouTube tags, you may be able to improve your own. You should optimize the tags on both YouTube and Google, as well as other search engines, to raise the video's visibility in organic search results (SEO).

About YouTube Tag Extractor Tool

YouTube tags are the hidden metatags associated with videos on YouTube. Not all videos have to Consider YouTube tags to be the platform's video metadata. These tags are optional for video publishers; therefore, not all videos will contain them.

Using the Tag Extractor tool, it's easy to get these meta tags from any public video and show them. It is worth it to extract these tags so you can see how popular videos, even those of your competitors, are using YouTube tags to get more views.

A video's HashTags, which may be found in the video's description and above the title, are not to be mistaken for the tags that appear in the video's metadata.

One of YouTube's many complexities is that it uses two different kinds of tags:

  1. Tags: the "meta" tags that describe a video but are themselves invisible. In other words, this is what the Tag Extractor pulls out.
  2. Hashtags: Hashtags are words or phrases that appear in a viewable list above the video's title.

Hashtags are the words or phrases that appear in a viewable list above the video's title.

When a video is posted to YouTube, tags are automatically added. They differ from hashtags in that they do not begin with a pound symbol (#) and that they may include spaces to include a string of more than one word. Tags should ideally only include alphanumeric characters and all be written in lowercase.

There can be as many as 500 characters' worth of tags on a single YouTube video. To quickly and efficiently reveal these hidden meta tags, you can use the YouTube Tag Extractor

Notably, the tags are retrieved in the same order that the author entered them. You can learn a lot about the author's perspective by looking at this:

  • a summary of the video's key points;
  • Video SEO's most important tags

The Significance Of Youtube Tags And Why You Should Use Them

It has been shown that the YouTube Tag Extractor works magically on all publicly available YouTube videos, pulling out the hidden meta tags while keeping the order in which the video's creator put them.

However, why does this matter? Most likely, you came across this website because you're curious about search engine optimization strategies for videos in general. According to YouTube, there are a variety of factors that go into determining a video's position on a search's results page (title, description, hashtags, thumbnail, tags, quality of the video, etc.).

We recommend that you learn the basics and use all of YouTube's tools to organize and label your videos. While it's unclear how much weight YouTube's hidden meta tags have on a video's position in search engine results, it's best to err on the side of caution and make use of every available optimization option. In the end, the better YouTube can interpret your video's subject matter, the higher your videos will appear in relevant search results.

How To Tag Your YouTube Videos Properly?

If you're not familiar with uploading videos to YouTube, you may want to get technical assistance. Let's go through the YouTube Studio page and how to tag your videos.

Some people believe falsely that after a video has been uploaded to YouTube, no further tags can be added to it. The process for adding tags to a video on YouTube is straightforward:

  • Go to the YouTube studio page
  • Choose the video to which you want to assign tags.
  • Edit it
  • Tag your videos in the corresponding section under the "Description" menu.

If you are adding tags to a video, you are just uploading:

  • Select "Upload" on the YouTube studio page
  • Choose Upload file
  • Upload videos from the library
  • You can add tags to the last box on the page if desired.

How To Use The YouTube Tag Extractor Tool?

Tags on YouTube are words or phrases that explain or describe the video in question and allow users to locate it more easily. According to YouTube, the metadata, which includes the title, description, and thumbnail of a video, plays a significant role in determining where a video appears in search results.

When you add tags to your video, YouTube can better understand what it's about, find related videos to put it alongside, and include it in relevant searches, all of which increase your video's exposure and the likelihood of gaining new subscribers.

This is especially crucial for commercialized channels since their income depends directly on the number of views and subscriptions they get. Finding what you're looking for on YouTube is easier with the free tag extractor tool. Here are some recommendations for getting the most out of the tool and raising your search engine rankings:

  • If you need to extract tags from a YouTube video, use our free YouTube tag extractor. tool.
  • Simply put a YouTube link into the box provided and use the "find the tags" button to get started.
  • You'll be presented with a set of tags.
  • The tags can be downloaded and used as needed. If you want, you can copy and paste them.

Does YouTube Have a Recommended Limit for Tags?

On YouTube, tags are a must-have. YouTube allows up to 400 characters for titles and tags combined, so feel free to be creative! In general, a video should include between five and eight tags. Use tags and keywords that tell people what your video is about and how to find it. Don't trick readers with wrong tags; doing so makes it more likely that they'll leave your site quickly, which could hurt your search engine rankings.

Things To Keep In Mind When Using Our Youtube Tag Extractor Tool

When attempting to harvest tags from rival videos, it's important to keep a few things in mind. Two scenarios exist when using this tool to extract tags from a YouTube video:

1.    There are no tags attached to the video

This occurs often because the Tags field is buried at the bottom of the video information page in YouTube Studio, under the "Show More" text link. So, unless they are also YouTube experts, they will probably ignore this and post the video with no tags at all. In a positive turn of events, this means that the video will benefit from whatever tags you decide to add. You should check out what your rivals are putting in the titles and descriptions of their videos, as well as whether they're using any hashtags.

2.    There are tags attached to the video

If you're going to assess the Tags' quality, use your discretion. Examine the Tags and their arrangement for anything that seems out of the ordinary. You may learn a lot about their perspective on these important phrases from the order in which they've placed them Tags. You should use comparable broad Tags to your immediate rivals to keep up with the market, but you should also use some unique Tags to catch specialized searches where you may have an edge.

Another fantastic feature of tags is that you can modify them even after your videos have been shared with the world. If you see that certain of your videos aren't doing as well as you'd like in search results, or if your rivals are outperforming you on certain phrases, consider revising your tags.


There are a large number of commercially available YouTube tag extractors. However, the majority of YouTube tag extractors require payment. That's why we came up with our free YouTube extractor tool; it gives everyone a simple way to make tags for their videos that doesn't cost them a dime. Our system is optimized for use with YouTube descriptions and channel tags.