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AI YouTube Video Title Generator

A compelling video title is the cornerstone of each virally popular video on YouTube. However, it can be challenging to think of good titles for videos, which is why we developed our YouTube Title Generator tool to assist you in doing so.

The maximum length for a title on YouTube is 100 characters (including spaces), but because only 70 characters are shown in the search results, it's best to keep it to that minimum. Vimeo allows for 128 characters for video names, but only displays 65 in search results due to shortening. 

Why is the YouTube Title important?

The quality of your video's title is crucial to its success. If your video doesn't have a catchy title, viewers won't watch it, even if it's suggested to them on YouTube. When viewers stop watching your videos, YouTube will stop including them in its suggested videos and search results. Google's search results won't do you much good if YouTube isn't directing viewers to your videos.

The best titles for YouTube videos are both easy to find and easy to click on. This makes viewers more likely to click. Yet, in most cases, they are opposed. Findability-optimized keywords are not always the most clickable ones and vice versa. Because of this, it's hard to find the perfect YouTube title that meets both of these criteria. However, don't worry; we'll show you how to handle it!

1.    Discoverability

How easy it is to find your video will depend on how visible it is in relevant YouTube and Google search results. In video SEO, discoverability plays a vital role. If you want your video to be found when people are looking for it, you need to make sure the words you use in the title match up well with how they are searching.


Begin by doing several searches on YouTube using your target keywords, and then compare and contrast the titles of the videos that come up in the top results, taking special note of how their rankings in the search results connect to the number of views each video has had. Finding things that these video titles have in common can help you come up with your own unique titles.


The title of your video should only include one keyword or phrase. YouTube's search algorithm places more value on videos that are focused on a specific subject.

2.    Clickability

However, clickability is related to how interesting your title is. If you have the best-performing video in search but your title is boring, no one will click on it. A video with a compelling title that appears deep in the search results may get clicks but will not be seen.

The following are some broad suggestions to make your videos more captivating:

  • Turn up the buzz by using attention-grabbing superlatives like "unbelievable," "shocked," "surprising," "unexpected," etc.
  • The list article structure has been around for a while, yet it's still effective. Convince your readers to click through by providing a list of X items (examples: causes, locations, etc.).
  • Create curiosity by starting your titles with "this," as in "This is why...", "This is what...", or "This is how..."
  • Posts with titles like "how I made X in Y months" or "how I increased my income by Z" are more likely to be read by those who think logically and analytically.

How does the YouTube Title Generator work?

It's not easy to come up with a catchy title for a video, but this helpful title generator tool will help you out by providing a plethora of options organized into two categories:

  • Person or Place
  • Content Topic

Extensive analysis of popular videos, channels, and topics informed the development of the title generator. Popular words and phrases in video titles are found and put in order of how often they are searched for and how often they are watched.

The video titles the program generates won't all be quite grammatically correct, but that's okay since it's meant to show off a variety of options. Make use of the several channels of thought suggested to you.

Using the title generator's many options, check whether any can be modified or reworked, and then choose the best one to use. It might take a few tries to refresh phrases and see where the ideas lead you, or you could discover a great match and have a fantastic video title idea in a matter of seconds.

Can YouTube video titles be changed?

In a nutshell, yes (but be mindful of your changes). Video titles can be updated with a simple click of the "edit" button in YouTube Studio.

When you do this (or change any other part of your video's metadata, like its description, tags, or hashtags), YouTube will probably re-evaluate your video and may change where it shows up in search results based on the changes you made and the number of times it's been seen.

This can be good or bad, depending on the circumstances: changing the title of a video that wasn't very well optimized and wasn't receiving many searches might certainly help push it farther out. Still, if your video has been popular for a long time, changing the title or other details may cause fewer people to watch it.

The watch time and audience retention become powerful indicators after a video has gotten some views; therefore, if you have videos with weak retention, improving the video title probably won't lead to considerably better performance in the future.

Go Back and Optimize the Titles of Your Old Videos

You undoubtedly have a library of videos that haven't had high click-through rates and haven't been seen in a long time. You might want to think again about reoptimizing older videos if you think they still have useful information that your audience will find useful. Alter the titles to something more interesting and search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly.

View counts for each video can be seen in YouTube Analytics, which is a good place to start. Pay attention to the videos that have the fewest views. The process of selecting which videos to bring back should begin at the very beginning. The next step is to put each video's keywords into our YouTube Title Generator. You may now pick keywords for your videos if you didn't do so when you first submitted them.

Check out the suggestions made by our title generator and choose one that best describes the content of each video. Introduce these videos again with their new names. If none of them work, you can always try again another time, perhaps even re-editing your movies if you feel you can make them better and provide them with more value. Concurrently, check to see that the image you're using as a thumbnail complements the name you've given your post.


Optimizing video titles is a crucial part of search engine optimization for YouTube. Get the most views and likes on your videos by using our free YouTube title generator. Enter the subject of your video into our title generator, and it will provide several creative, SEO-friendly titles from which you may choose.